On Your Side

Our First Meeting

Throughout the divorce process, you’ll make a lot of big decisions that affect your future, but who you choose to be your divorce attorney is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Nobody who gets married expects to file for divorce, so whether this filing has been a long time coming or is happening relatively quickly, it’s not unusual for individuals to not know what steps to take. One of my first goals with every client is to help them understand what they can expect from me and from the divorce process. I understand how overwhelming this can feel, and I do everything in my power to help people feel equipped to make the right decisions for their future.

What Can You Expect During The First Meeting With A Divorce Attorney?

The first step to finding the right divorce attorney is to research those who exist in your area. You may want to call one or several of them for a consultation and to learn about how they work with clients. Many attorneys will do a free initial consultation but not all – make sure you understand what the expectations are before meeting with one of these attorneys.

If you decide to hire my firm, Robin Jill Schneider law firm, the first thing I’ll do is set up our initial meeting. During this meeting, I will gather your contact information, and we’ll discuss basic information about your marriage, including:

  • If you have kids, how many you have and how old they are
  • How long you’ve been married
  • Your career and your spouse’s career
  • Any assets and debts you and your spouse share

It should be noted that while I will expect information about your assets and debts during this meeting, you don’t have to provide me with a comprehensive list yet. During our first meeting, I will be concerned about gathering information about properties and businesses that you own, retirement accounts, investments and other large assets. If there are other complex assets acquired during the marriage, we will discuss those throughout my tenure as your attorney.

Finally, in your first meeting, you will discuss how your attorney will be compensated. Your lawyer will work hard to advocate for you, and it is common that you will be asked to pay a retainer upfront because you will be working with your attorney for several months. Because divorce can last for months or even years, it’s important to find an attorney who respects you, listens to you and understands your goals.

I Am Here For You

At Robin Jill Schneider law firm, I strive to bring empathy, compassion and tenacity to all my clients. I understand how difficult divorce can be on your whole family, and I know what you need to prepare yourself for the next stage of your life. Because of this, I’m able to offer unique, one-on-one guidance to clients and fierce representation for them in court or disputes with their former spouses. I will be by your side throughout every stage of the divorce. To get started or learn more about my firm, please contact me online or call my office at 732-812-4944.