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The Nuances Of Same-Sex Family Law

Although same-sex marriage is legal in New Jersey, navigating the system is not as straightforward as it should be – especially when it comes to divorce. At the Robin Jill Schneider law firm, my approach to same-sex family law matters is based on decades of experience and a strong knowledge of the courts. I will aggressively protect your rights and pursue a favorable solution, no matter what issue you are facing. Contact my firm online to learn more about how I can help you.

Helping You Navigate The Murky Waters Of Same-Sex Family Law

As of right now, the only clear guidelines around same-sex partnerships are that you can legally marry and legally divorce. Beyond that, much is unknown. It is not even clear at this point how alimony and property distribution will be handled. Should it be handled based on the length of the marriage or the length of the relationship, since many people created lives together long before the protections of marriage were available to them?

My name is Robin Jill Schneider, and I have been practicing family law in New Jersey since 1981. I understand the existing laws and how to work within them despite a lack of clear guidance for LGBT partnerships. I can help you work through many issues, including:

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