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Child Support Can Be Modified To Reflect Change

Every parent knows that life constantly changes when you have children. New Jersey laws recognize this fact, as well. That is why courts are willing to reexamine and change child support orders if either parent or the child has experienced a significant change. In New Jersey, judges will automatically review the order every three years for a cost of living increase if the payments are made through their offices. If payment is not made through their offices, or if you are unhappy with their review, then we can help you.

If you believe your family has undergone a significant change deserving of review, contact Robin Jill Schneider. Robin has over 30 years of experience, and she can advise you on the matter of modifying child support. She is also a New Jersey Supreme Court-Certified Matrimonial Attorney

Common Events That Could Change The Amount Of Your Child Support

Although New Jersey courts will change child support orders, they require a reason to do so. Changes may be permanent or temporary, depending on the situation. This can be a job loss, a medical event, a significant raise or promotion. Circumstances requiring a permanent change include:

  • A job change resulting in a significantly higher or lower income
  • Spousal support terminates
  • A permanent disability of one parent

Examples of situation that may trigger a temporary change include:

  • A medical emergency for someone in the family
  • A temporary layoff for one parent
  • A temporary child custody change due to work or illness

Whatever the reason for the change, we will help you find the best resolution for your situation.

Review Your Child Support With An Experienced Attorney

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