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A High-Conflict Divorce Requires A Highly Experienced Attorney

Nearly all divorces have some level of conflict, so what do we mean by high-conflict divorce? These situations involve people who cannot stop fighting. Some couples have waited so long to divorce that their relationship has become too toxic for rational discussion. An experienced lawyer can help put an end to that destructive cycle.

The drawback of a high-conflict divorce is that a New Jersey judge will end up making all the decisions for the couple if the divorce goes to trial, rather than the two sides coming together to decide what will work best for their family.

At the Robin Jill Schneider law firm, I will be your voice of reason. I have more than 40 years of family law experience, so you can rely on me to always fight for your best interests but also tell you honestly when an issue is legally or financially not worth pursuing.

False Accusations Hurt Children Most

Many of these conflicts occur under the mantle of child custody challenges. Some people even use false accusations about domestic violence, addiction or sexual molestation as a way to punish the other spouse for past deeds or improve their chances at sole custody. Unfortunately, these parents are not putting their children first. Unless your spouse truly has a problem with substance abuse or violent behavior that puts your child at risk of harm, subjecting your child to a lengthy custody battle during your divorce can be detrimental to their well-being.

Do you want to keep the conflict going – or are you going to be the one to take control of your future? I am Robin Jill Schneider, and I can help you put your past behind you and start building a conflict-free future.

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