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Helping You Establish Fair Visitation And Parenting Time

Visitation has traditionally been thought of as a very formulaic agreement. The children live with one parent the majority of the time and spend every other weekend with the other parent, for example. Today, however, that is not necessarily the norm, and “visitation” is not the proper word. A parent does not just visit his or her children; he or she parents his or her children during his or her time with the children.

At Robin Jill Schneider in Matawan, New Jersey, we recognize that numerous factors have made visitation plans much more flexible than they used to be. Rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach, we strive to create a child custody and parenting time plan that fits your needs.

Creative Approach To Visitation And Parenting Time

Visitation no longer has to have the rigid scheduling it once did. Today, many parents have flexible work hours or work from home, making it easier to spend time with their children.

Visitation attorney Robin Jill Schneider works closely with parents to learn their schedules and develop parenting plans that reflect their lives. She has served as a court-appointed parenting coordinator and has decades of experience helping parents work through the visitation process. After learning about what is most important to you, we will help you find a creative solution that works for your family. We can help you work through all matters related to visitation, including:

  • Creating parenting plans, which address each parent’s expected participation in important decision-making involving the child, including decisions involving education, health care and religion
  • Enforcement of visitation if one parent fails to adhere to the plan
  • Modifications of parenting plans as the children mature, or if one parent moves or a major life change affects a parent’s ability to adhere to the agreed-upon plan

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