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What are the most common reasons why people fear divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2023 | Divorce

Many New Jersey couples who get married expect to be together for life. Sadly, divorce is common and involves a range of emotions, including fear. Below are common reasons why divorcing spouses often experience fear as they end their marriages.

Losing their children

One of the biggest fears in divorce among many people is that they think they will lose their children. Depending on the situation, some parents who divorce may not have joint or legal custody of their kids. Some are only granted visitation and no longer live with their child. This can cause panic and worry that they will lose their relationship with their children.

Losing the family home

Divorce often means one or both spouses must leave the marital home. It causes an aura of uncertainty, and with uncertainty comes fear. It can be terrifying not to know where you’re going to live.

Money issues

Getting a divorce can easily lead to fear because of money issues. Either spouse can share these feelings; the one who ends up ordered to pay alimony and child support can worry about how their financial stability will suffer. The one receiving support has less money on their own, so they too can experience fear. This is especially true if one party has not worked throughout the marriage or fell on bad luck. In either spouse’s case, no longer having combined finances from the marriage can instill fear.

Loss of friends

Not everyone will continue being friends with both spouses after a divorce. This is another reason why divorcing couples might experience fear. In addition to losing in-laws, they might even lose friends. After a breakup, it’s common for people to take sides and continue their friendship with one former spouse while no longer associating with the other.

Fear of divorce is common, but that doesn’t mean staying in a broken marriage is appropriate. Divorce might be the best thing if the relationship is no longer working and can’t be saved.