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Life expectancy and grey divorce in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Divorce

Life expectancy in New Jersey is continually on the rise. With this comes the increasing rate of grey divorces.

Life expectancy and divorce

With the equitable division of labor, a more tolerant culture and increased women’s financial independence, no one wants to stay where they are not happy for decades. People now have more expectations of the future and think that they have time to discover what makes them happy; thus, if their marriage is not working out or is unhappy, they are more likely to opt for a divorce.

Additionally, when someone is on a physical decline and begins to think about death, they would want to spend their remaining years having fun, feeling free and doing the things they’ve never tried before. If they feel like their marriage is holding them back, chances are that they would resort to a divorce.

Other factors that contribute to grey divorces

Many people end their marriage because they feel like they lost their spark when they got married. This can also be fostered by “empty nest syndrome,” where the parents drift apart after children grow and leave the family home.

Infidelity is still a leading cause of divorce, even in old age. Today, adultery doesn’t have the same stigma as earlier decades, so older people who are tempted to stray may go through with it. Furthermore, dating sites makes it easier for married people to hook up with other people.

When one partner has an overspending habit, gambling problem or other behaviors that put marital property at risk, it is common for the other partner to want a divorce to save themselves from impending financial dangers. No one wants to be in debt at an older age while in retirement.

Grey divorce can be complex, especially if you have been married for many years. If you are going through divorce, make sure to secure what’s yours in your marriage and fight for a fair outcome.