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What to know about prenups in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2022 | Uncategorized

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding premarital agreements, otherwise known as prenups. Prenups can be a great way for New Jersey residents to protect their interests as they’re going into a marriage, but other people might consider them bad luck.

Why are prenups actually a good thing?

Prenuptial agreements can force couples to have those hard conversations about money, family expectations and debt. A lot of these conversations might not otherwise happen before the couple takes that stroll down the aisle.

While these conversations might be uncomfortable and feel negative or even one-sided, it can be good to get them out of the way before you get married. A lot of marriages end in divorce because these conversations – especially surrounding money – don’t happen before.

When should you get a prenup?

There are plenty of reasons for couples to get a prenup. However, there are certain times when a couple should more seriously consider a prenup. This includes:
– If one party is wealthier or has an inheritance
– If one party has more debt
– If one or both parties owns a business
– If one or both parties have children from other marriages
– If one or both parties have already been married
– If one party plans on being a stay-at-home parent

These are all great reasons to consider a prenup because it protects you from inheriting bad debt or losing life savings, among other things. The complexity of a prenup will come down to the people getting married and their assets, but overall a prenup can be a great tool for any person.

Is it bad luck?

Prenups are not bad luck. It might seem bad to talk about what would happen in the event of a divorce, but these conversations can make your relationship with your partner even stronger while protecting you from the worst.