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Why consider a premarital agreement?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Divorce

Couples in New Jersey and across the United States would be wise to consider outlining how their assets may be handled in the event of a divorce. While the prospect of marriage can be incredibly exciting, many couples feel that the concept of a prenuptial agreement means that they’re already planning for divorce. However, a prenup agreement shouldn’t feel like a bad omen.

The reality is that prenuptial agreements can actually make a relationship stronger and more secure. Drafting this kind of agreement requires couples to set certain goals and expectations for their relationship. Setting a prenup agreement before marriage is actually no different than undergoing premarital counseling with an advisor to have honest discussions about career paths, family values and other important matters.

Prenup agreements can create the opportunity for couples to have uncomfortable conversations about crucial topics such as finances together before walking down the aisle. The prenuptial process encourages open communication and gives couples a chance to address issues that otherwise might come between them in the future. Additionally, a prenuptial agreement can help eliminate some of the fear of the unknown about the future, which may allow partners to focus more on building their lives together.

If handled correctly, a prenup agreement allows each individual to determine how assets and liabilities will be handled if divorce happens. This process also eliminates the need for a court to intervene. By agreeing ahead of time about these matters, couples could minimize the amount of money they spend on court and attorney fees.

A prenup agreement should be thought of as a safety net that can spare much money and emotional trauma if divorce happens in the future. If you’re about to get married, you may consider consulting with an attorney with experience in family law.