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Common ways that people in New Jersey sabotage their marriage

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2020 | Divorce

Whether consciously or subconsciously, many people push their partners away over the course of their marriage. Resentments can build up over time, and if the couple never discusses their feelings with each other, they might decide that divorce is the only option. Here are some of the ways that couples can set their marriage up for failure.

What are some unhealthy habits that can unravel a marriage?

One mistake that many couples make is assuming that their partner can read their minds. Instead of communicating their feelings when they’re sad, angry or frustrated, they assume that their partner should know why they’re upset and fix their behavior immediately. When their partner doesn’t change, they assume that their partner is acting maliciously and become even more resentful. This kind of thinking often leads to divorce.

Some couples also go to extreme lengths to avoid talking to their partner. Instead of fixing the problems that are affecting their marriage, they turn to outside sources like food, shopping, gambling or porn. Some people even start having an affair so that they can avoid dealing with the issues that are destroying their marriage. They start to see their marriage as an obstacle that’s holding them back when their partner stops being their friend and becomes their enemy.

Refusing to seek help can also destroy a marriage. While some people have support and guidance counselors available to them, they refuse to get help because they don’t want to deal with difficult emotions. As a result, they shut themselves off from their spouse and become increasingly distant.

Choosing to file for divorce

If the marriage can’t be saved, filing for divorce might be the best option. A family law attorney may be able to guide their client through the process and make it as quick and easy as possible.