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How to keep a job during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2020 | Divorce

Someone who is getting divorced experiences the anguish that is similar to what they would when a loved one dies. This cannot help but have an impact on the other parts of their life outside of their deteriorating marriage. One of the major areas of impact is their job, the place where they need to focus on a daily basis.

Declining job performance will usually result in a negative performance review. In even worse cases, it can lead to termination. One way to avoid this is to have an early conversation with the boss to let them know what is happening. This will give the boss some context so that they do not see the negative performance in isolation. Even if one’s principles would ordinarily keep them from sharing anything personal with their boss, it is too important here to not have the conversation. However, one should not overshare with fellow employees since they tend to talk.

One does need to take the time to deal with the emotional issues surrounding their divorce. Burying oneself in their job, while distracting the mind, is not a viable strategy since it would keep someone from addressing any pressing psychological matters. In other words, compensating for the divorce by becoming a workaholic will be counterproductive in the long run and only provides short-term gratification.

A divorce attorney is actually a valuable person to have during the process since the lawyer may help their client have the time and energy to deal with the other areas of their life. Drafting court filings and handling negotiations are stressful things that can overwhelm someone who has to do them on their own. The attorney may handle these details and could also help ratchet down tensions in a divorce by being realistic with their client.