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Divorce: Signs that may indicate issues within a relationship

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2019 | Divorce

Upon entering a marriage, most couples in New Jersey and elsewhere may do so with the intention of remaining together throughout life. Although things might not always go as planned, in some cases, it can be difficult to identify the issues that may represent the presence of a rift within the relationship. Studies suggest that there are certain signs that may indicate hardships that could ultimately leave a couple wondering if a divorce is the best path available for everyone.

According to experts, one of the most pressing concerns pertains to couples who feel they are living separate lives. Making decisions without the other party or a lack of interest in including one’s spouse in daily activities can be indicating signs of strain in the relationship. Studies indicate that something as simple as choosing to eat dinner alone each night may seem harmless, but could indicate a growing concern.

Studies also indicate that in some cases, couples may feel that the fact that they have children together plays a significant role in their decision to remain together. While this may seem beneficial for the kids, if it results in bouts with unhappiness and increasing levels of conflict, it might not be as helpful as intended. Studies also indicate that a lack of intimacy or a lessened desire to spend time with the other party could also be warning signs of a rift in the marriage.

Regardless of how it happens, those who feel that a divorce may be the healthiest path might still that dissolving a marriage will be a stressful and intimidating experience. When facing a similar change in life, a person in New Jersey could find it helpful to speak with an attorney for guidance on what to expect from and how to prepare for the process. An attorney can help address all a client’s concerns and assist in forming a strategy to pursue the best outcome achievable concerning his or her future during subsequent court proceedings.