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3 reasons why divorce mediation may be right for you

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2019 | Mediation And Arbitration

The divorce process is widely known to be both difficult and stressful. A toxic relationship, for example, could make every conversation you have a challenging one. Going through a divorce can also be difficult for people who separate on positive terms. There are a number of different circumstances that could make your specific situation harder.

Divorce could be financially strenuous. You may have a difference in opinion with your spouse on how to properly sort out some of your assets. Most importantly, you may have a disagreement regarding how to move forward with your children. Arguing about each of these factors in court could be a long, drawn-out process. There is potentially a better way, however, in the form of divorce mediation.

Less stressful

One of the greatest advantages of divorce mediation is the amount of stress it can relieve. It can be much less stressful than dealing with your separation in the courtroom. The process encourages couples to work together to reach an agreement. This is a distinct difference from the stereotype of yelling at each other for hours without a positive resolution. A calm, productive discussion can greatly reduce the amount of stress commonly associated with divorce.

Private discussion

Many people do not realize that deciding to litigate a divorce will force them to file a lot of their personal information in the public domain. This is one of the greatest advantages of deciding to have someone mediate your divorce. Instead of making your dirty laundry available for anyone interested to see, you can resolve your issues in private. If you want to avoid making your divorce public, you can bypass this concern through divorce mediation.

Cheaper costs

There are plenty of people that choose to avoid divorce specifically for financial reasons. This makes sense given that court costs can be exceptionally high. Choosing to divorce through mediation can cut down a lot of this spending. Additionally, the process tends to be much faster as well. This eliminates the possibility of costs building as you spend time attempting to resolve your concerns. In general, a divorce mediation can be up to 10 times cheaper than a traditional divorce depending on your specific circumstances.