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Why are there more divorces this time of year?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2019 | Uncategorized

The choice to end a marriage is never easy. Typically, this decision comes after months or even years of consideration. Interestingly, there are certain times of the year when people may be more prone to move forward with divorce than others. One of those times is during the month of August and beginning of September, around the time that school starts back.

If you are considering divorce or you have already moved ahead with initiating that process, it may help you to take a closer look at why people make that decision. This could give you better insight into why you are making that choice, what things may be driving your decision-making process and how you can protect your own interests during divorce.

A rise in the divorce rate

There are a few reasons why the divorce rate could rise during this time of year. Summer is a time for many families to spend time together, but sometimes, this opportunity can confirm that a marriage is over. Multiple factors play a role in a person’s or couple’s choice to file for divorce this time of year, but the following are some of the most common reasons:

  • Summer break may seem like a good time to work on marriage problems, but often, it simply shines a light on underlying issues that are not fixable.
  • People with older children have an empty nest this time of year when their kids go to college, sometimes spurring the desire for divorce.
  • Some couples make it through one last summer together in order to end their marriage on a positive note and provide children with good memories.
  • Divorcing in August gives everyone ample time to adjust to new circumstances before the holidays come around.

Every situation is different. Regardless of why you chose to divorce or how amicable you may be with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you will want to be intentional about pursuing a final order that provides you with a strong and stable future.

Think long-term

Divorce is hard, and it’s easy to become wrapped up in the temporary emotions that you may experience during this process. You will find it beneficial to think long-term, not allowing how you feel in the moment to dictate the choices you are making that will impact your future. This is easier said than done, which is why many find it helpful to work with an experienced New Jersey legal advocate from the very beginning.