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Be careful on social media during your divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2019 | Uncategorized

Social media has become a common part of life for many New Jerseyans. Whether you are an active social media user or simply enjoy digitally catching up with family and friends, you may wonder how to proceed on social media during a divorce.

However, those going through a divorce should exercise caution while using social media in any capacity. Posting a seemingly harmless photo, status update or even comment could affect your divorce proceeding. What should you keep in mind about navigating social media during your divorce?

Think twice before posting anything

A check-in at a restaurant late at night, a photo of you at a happy hour or a tweet about your vacation may not be as innocent as it seems. What you post on your social media profiles can influence everything from child custody arrangements to property division settlements, alimony and more.

Additionally, avoid social media while bitter or disgruntled. Divorce can be an emotional process, even for couples amicably ending their marriages. A difficult mediation session or day in court could lead you to share something bitter about your ex. Avoid posting something you may regret.

Check your privacy settings

Conduct a thorough review of your privacy settings. Implement strict privacy settings to prevent just anyone from scrolling through your profiles. If you and your ex shared passwords, promptly update this to avoid unwanted access to your accounts.

Additionally, update your privacy settings to somewhat control what your friends share about you. A fun night out could lead to some unflattering photos on Facebook. Change your settings to require your permission before tagging you in a photo. If necessary, talk with your friends about temporarily sharing minimal information involving you.

Lastly, divorce is a great time to review your social media connections. You may want to consider parting ways with some of your ex-spouse’s family members or friends to avoid information getting back to your ex.

Consider closing or deactivating your accounts

You may consider simply taking a break from social media and closing or deactivating your accounts. This can help to avoid the temptation of posting something you may regret and prevent friends from tagging you in potentially unflattering posts.

When in doubt, refrain from sharing anything that you would not want your boss to see. Proceed with caution, keep a cool head and maintain strict privacy settings to avoid interference with your divorce proceeding.