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Raising your child with your ex-spouse

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2019 | Child Custody

For New Jersey parents, getting a divorce can be a scary experience in large part due to the fact that they will need to figure out a way to raise their children with a partner they are no longer married to. Part and parcel of this for both parents is figuring out how to balance time and share time with each other so their kids can maintain and continue strong relationships on both sides.

Parents.com recommends that moms and dads focus strongly on the quality of the time they have with their children over the quantity of that time. That does not mean they try to fit too much into every moment as that only ends up leaving parents and kids exhausted. Rather, creating quality time requires ensuring that a connection and bonding is able to occur.

Another important thing for parents to do is to create a schedule that gives everyone, parents and kids alike, some security and parameters for how time is spent and shared. At the same time, the ability to remain flexible and adjust as necessary to accommodate children’s schedules and needs is essential. 

Psychology Today encourages former spouses to develop a strong problem-solving approach to co-parenting their kids during and after their divorce. Inherent in this is the openness to sharing information about their children with each other, communicating concerns and working together to solve issues for the good of their children. At the heart of all of this is the desire to do what is best for the kids.