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Why are high asset divorces considered complex?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2018 | High Asset Divorce

When New Jersey residents like you go through divorce, you also have to deal with matters related to your assets. The primary focus will be on how you and your ex-partner wish to split said assets. How exactly does your net worth weigh into this, though? Why do they make divorce cases more complex?

FindLaw takes a look at high asset divorce cases, also known as complex divorce cases. For your case to be considered high asset, you must hold significantly greater assets than the average couple. For example, if you have large properties, an extensive amount of money in savings or retirement, or large stocks, you may qualify.

If you share a business, this can also count. Having your assets tied up in a business can be tricky. After the split, one spouse may decide they want to leave the business and take their portion of the funds with them. In other cases, a spouse may be entitled to a chunk of money from a retirement fund, which can set back your savings by a fair amount. Because there is more money, property, and so on to handle, these cases involve higher risk and more complex litigation. This is why they’re considered complex.

If you are looking at handling a divorce that will involve a lot of assets, you may want to contact an attorney for more information. They can help you figure out the best way to navigate through the divorce while simultaneously protecting your share of the assets.